May 1, 2012

My God of Impossible Things

You know how you think there is nothing
that could make this situation better?

Things look pretty much dismal
and there doesn't seem any way out of the mess
you've made of things.

Or maybe it isn't even your mess...

So you pray about it...

And then God does something
absolutely miraculous...

and you marvel...

even though He has done this kind of thing
over and over again in your life...

you still marvel...

then you ask the Lord
to forgive you
for not believing...
for not having faith...

and then you glory in your God
of Impossible Things!


  1. Yes and Amen!
    BTW...I "like" your new background. 8~)

  2. Thanks...I did it by myself, without Sunny having to help me. HA!