May 11, 2012

Support the Weak

Sometimes people are struggling...
in their Christian walk.
They come to church,
they smile,
they shake hands
they do everything you are doing.

Yet, their faith is weak.
They might be struggling to believe
what they have been taught,
what the Bible says.

It may be some Mother's child...
that needs your help.
She may be praying for someone to help them.

We come in, we do what we have to do...
and then we leave
and go back to OUR lives.

We forget to look people in the eye...
to see the struggling spirit within them.
Cause we have things to do...
and we're busy.

Church isn't about getting everything done...
It's about fellowship with Jesus Christ
and each other.
It's about exhorting each other.

Look for that struggling soul...
so that you might come alongside
to encourage them in the faith.
To be that example to them.
To be their friend.
To answer that Mother's Prayer.

To glorify Jesus Christ!


  1. Thank you for that reminder. We are not put here on this earth to do for ourselves but to be "servants" for the Lord. I love helping others and try to pray everyday for God to show me who needs a helping hand or just a kind word that day. God bless what you and pastor do everyday for others. We don't see it, but God does, and we need to remember that you sometimes need encouraging too!!!! Love ya

  2. Amen, Amen. We all need this reminder. Thanks