May 17, 2012

Organizational Ideas - It's not what you think!

I read an article today in a nameless magazine
It had to do with different organizing projects
in people's homes.

 One lady organizes all her tableclothes...
hangs them on pant hangers...
and then writes on them the length of each one.
Do people actually do this?
Maybe I would do this also
If I had more than one...

Another lady organizes
her boy's Lego collection.
Wow! I am so impressed!
We were lucky to get them all in ONE box...
much less color coded.
Honestly, I think I would miss
stepping on one stray little Lego piece
in the middle of the night!

Someone else has a spreadsheet
of all the books she is reading
with the Title, Author
and a quick synopsis of every one
and how good it was.
I actually like this idea.
I love anything to do with books.
This sounds fun to me...
I'll probably try this...
or.. I'll probably think about it forever
and never actually get around to doing it...
I have lots of great ideas...I'm like that!

This other lady has 75 spices
hanging in her cupboard.
I have spices hanging in my cupboard...
but NOT 75!
I don't use the ones I have.
They DO look nice though
all hanging on their little IKEA racks.
Matter of fact, they look so cute hanging there
that I keep buying new IKEA bottles
to put on the racks...
And then going out and buying
new spices to put in them...
even though I'll probably never use them.
But I feel very organized.
And IF I ever DO need them...
there they are!

The last one is the best.
She has a file on her computer
where she puts everything that she has stored away.
OK...I don't have enough organizationese
to even wrap my mind around this.
Maybe I'll be like this when I grow up.
I wonder if she has on there
where I put my glasses?

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