May 2, 2012


So I decided a couple of years ago
to take a beginning woodworking class.

The teacher had some ideas for us
if we didn't know what we wanted to do.
(That's kinda all the time for me)

So he showed me a picture of a double adirondack chair.
I was very excited...
although a little nervous wondering if I could pull it off.
I couldn't!
But he helped me...
(Translate that to 'he did most of the work for me.'
Although he did let me use the drill and all the fun machines.)

So here was OUR first project...

So this year I took the same class
and decided to make two ladder bookshelves for Aaron's room.
(Well, they were gonna be for the living room, but I kinda messed
them up also, so they went in Aaron's room) Sorry Bear.

And actually it wasn't my fault...
I didn't know what I was doing...
(See above)
and the teacher should have known that when he saw me coming!

Anyway, the first one I kinda messed up, although it looks fine.
But it doesn't match the second one...which I did perfectly!
(That means I followed the directions this time and it turned out like it was supposed to)

So, here's my second project...

Now, I have a third project...a sling chair from Ana White's site.
She has all kinds of plans for people who don't know what they're doing.
(See above)

Here's what my third project will be...

Now, I want to learn to weave!


  1. I love it all! You should make me one of those shelves, BTW...

  2. Oh...Fun!
    I need to take a woodworking class. 8~)

  3. It was fun, Nancy. Next year I'm gonna take a cake decorating class. Sunny, I have one left over. You want it?

    1. You are just one crazy grandma! Learning all these new go!

  4. … I'm a concerned third party. I hope the shelves won't fall on me when im asleep…

    1. Anonymous makes me sound so cool hehe

  5. I love these!! I have ladder bookshelves in my office, but they are from Target. Joeys sisters bought the first one for him and then I bought another to match because I loved the first so much! Maybe I will build these for our family room. (Have Joey build them) ;)

  6. Yeah, just tell him he can call ME if he has any questions! HA