Jun 29, 2011

How Did I Forget How to Fly

I read something beautiful today.
From the site www.aholyexperience.com

"I used to fly; I remember this.
How to unfold winged hope
and enfold the wind
in free falling trust."

"I remember thinking the sky
all empty space.
This can make a sparrow brave."

"I remember thinking that the wind
 and faith were enough.
How did I forget?"

"How is it possible-
that fear can make you forget
how to fly?"

"How do you remember joy
when some life sliver
pierces through your wild pulse?"

"How does a small sparrow in a wide world
extend the brief span of her wings
and let go...
to climb higher."

Wished I would have written that.
I love it...
It speaks to me today.

Sometimes in the midst of earthly troubles
I forget the joy I once knew...
I focus on the circumstances of life...
Instead of the wonder of God.

She goes on to say,
that the world's not meant to be a mirror,
where I focus on myself.

Instead it's a clear pane of glass,
that we look through
to see God high and lifted up.

How did I forget how to fly?

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