Aug 8, 2011

Fashion Statement

So, we left home today for yet another trip.
This time to Meridian, Idaho for Pastor's School.

As we're on our way into Starbucks
I look into the window of the store next door
and realize that I'm wearing this cute little blouse
that I got from a thrift store the other day,
but forgot to take off my sweater thingy
(I call it that cause it is kinda beyond description).
The problem:
My cute little blouse is red and pink and white,
and my thingy is mustard yellow
and kinda dingy (pronounced dinjie)
around the arms cause I wear it lots,
and apparently don't wash it too often!

I look like an orphan, as my mother used to say!
Nothing derogatory against orphans...
If you are an orphan, I'm sorry...
Come to my house and we'll adopt you!

Anyway, I remark to my husband that I match beautifully!
He looks at me and says,
"I'm probably not the right person to judge that."
(Very true statement!)
My son and I have actually refused to be seen in public
with him on various occasions.
He goes on,
"You know what I say...colors are meant to be splashed together!"

Yep, that pretty much sums up his ideas on fashion...

Good thing I came along to rescue him...

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