Aug 17, 2011

Being Stupid

You ever done something,
and then felt like an idiot after?
OK, I know you have!
And if you insist that you haven't
everyone knows you're lying!

Today, as I was walking over to church
I was looking down,
(probably reading my Bible,
I'm real spiritual that way),
yeah...let's go on...

JJ was visiting
with his truck...
and in the back of the truck
were 2 big metal bar thingys
hanging out...right at my head level!

So as I was walking by, being very spiritual,
well, walking by, anyway
I ran straight into the metal bars.
Yes, both of them.
One hit me right about the hairline,
the other on the forehead.

No, I didn't cuss,
I'm a Christian.
What I actually said was,
Really loud
so the whole world would know I was HURT!

Then I realized that this could be misconstrued
as losing control.
So I immediately looked around to make sure
no one was looking...

By the time I got to church
Homer was smiling at me.
"What happened?"
So then I had to tell everyone
so I made sure
they heard the story MY WAY.
After all, Homer might make me look like an idiot!

So, I told it in a way, that made JJ look like the bad guy!
After all, it WAS his truck and his bar thingys,
and he DID park it right between my house
and the church!
So, yeah, it was pretty much JJ's fault!
Anyone can see that!

1 comment:

  1. My Thougtht was...OH....OUCH!!!!
    Hey...Been there...done that...more than once.
    And yah...I don't like it when someone sees me.
    Take care,