Aug 12, 2011

Pastor's School

I've been at a Pastor's School this week.

No, it's not where you learn how to be a Pastor.

It's where Pastor's and their wives steal away to
to get encouraged by other Pastor's and their wives.

The schedule is great:

Breakfast at 7:30
followed by
(or spreaching if you're a girl...don't ask),
from 8 in the morning until 12:00
with coffee breaks in between.
(And I do mean coffee - Starbucks!)
Then they feed you
and you're pretty much free in the afternoon.
I take that as an excuse to nap and shop
in that order!
Then you come back at 7:00
for more preaching!
It's wonderful.

Some people think that sounds boring...
but we love it.
To hear from God...who doesn't want that?
Must be the same reason people don't come to church.

Today Mrs. Mark Rogers spoke about suffering
among other things.

John 12:23 - "The hour is come,
that the Son of man should be glorified."

She said some good things:

Satan is doubling his efforts on Pastor's
weakest link...
his family.

When you are suffering, perhaps it's because
The Lord can show Himself best through
your suffering.

Someone once said,

The Lord gives Christians
the same troubles as the lost,
so the world can see the difference.

I want the world to see
that I'm different!
I might lose everything,
but I'll never lose Christ,
and therefore,
I'll never lose hope!

I have the Victory, through Christ!
I'll win the battle, through Christ!


  1. It is so ironic that I decided to read this today. My pastor son sent me a message asking me to pray for him and his little family (wife and baby girl) because they seem to be falling apart. The devil is working overtime to try and keep the message of our Savior from being preached and taught. And he is working overtime on pastor's families because if he can get to them, then he can tear the church apart. God help us to see the devil at work and rebuke him and cling to the Lord for deliverance from those snares.

  2. So true. When she said it...I saw it clearly in peoples lives. I will be praying for them!