Aug 21, 2011

Seek God!

I have a new goal...
Actually it has been my goal for 31 years...
But sometimes I forget...

To seek God.

Yes, I'm saved and love
Jesus Christ and try to the best
of my ability to live for Him,
Him alone.

But I get so busy
in this life,
often doing things that I know make Him happy.
Reading, praying,
service at church,
being a good example,
loving others,
telling others about Him,
etc. etc.

And don't get me wrong...
those are good things
and definitely SHOULD accompany salvation.

But sometimes I need to sit back,
and remember the joy of my salvation.
Think about how Christ took this poor
sin sick soul and changed her life and her destiny...

Think about all He has done for me
throughout all these years I have been with Him.

Think about how Wonderful He is...
How beautiful His creation is...
how powerful He is...
how he can answer prayers in the blink of an eye.

Think about all the promises he has made me.
All I have to do is have faith...
And I will always have peace,
and hope,
and joy,
and love.

Think about how unworthy I am
to be the recipient of His Great and Powerful Love.
To truly realize in my heart the truth
of the fact that He will never, never leave me.
No matter what goes wrong in this life...
He will always be there for me...
He will always uphold me...
He will always wipe away my tears...
and make my life worth living
as long as He wills me to be here.

Why do all the endless things in my life
Get more focused attention than He does?

So I'm gonna try to set aside one day a week
to do nothing but seek Him.
I probably won't be able to do it
on the same day each week,
as things change so rapidly.
But I'm gonna commit it to Him
and give it my best.

I'm gonna sit out on the porch,
with my Bible and a Hymnal.
I may not read,
I might just think about His great works.
I might meditate on a favorite verse...
I'm not making any plans...
I'm going to let the Spirit lead.
I'm going to just seek God!


  1. Not only your destiny was changed that day.... good post mommy