Aug 7, 2011

The Sun/Son

This morning as we were sitting outside,
enjoying the sunshine,
Which, by the way, we don't normally see
during other parts of the year,
My husband said,
"The sun is beautiful this morning!"
"Yep, it is", I replied.
He said, "The sun is beautiful every morning!"
"I wouldn't know, we don't see it every morning."
I remark, being the eternal optimist that I am.

"It's always shining somewhere,
but the clouds get in the way.
But it's there nonetheless." says he.

"The Son of God is sure wonderful today!"
he says.
"Yes, He is." I agree.
"He's wonderful every day,
but sometimes it's hard to see
cause we let the clouds get in the way.
But He's there nonetheless, being Wonderful."

What a lesson!
He's there.
It may be hard for us to see Him
because we let the hardships of life cloud our view.
But He's there nonetheless.
What a comfort to know
that He's there
and He's Wonderful
no matter what I'm going through.

That's how my Sunday morning started out.

Thanks hon!

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