Jun 29, 2011

$5 Glue

So I bought this broom
at a store that will remain nameless
because someone I know and love
works there, and I don't want to dis his employers.

They had 2 brooms that looked identical.
One was $5 and one was $10.
I checked them out thoroughly,
because I'm such a thorough shopper,
and found that they were the same.

So naturally, being the thrifty housewife that I am,
I bought the $5 one...Duh...

I now know the difference between the two:
I can sweep exactly three times
before the head begins to swirl around
worse than the little girl on the exorcist.
(Sorry, flashback to before I got saved!)

Apparently, someone at the factory had a great idea:
"Hey, know what we should do?
Let's sell two of these exactly alike.
One with glue and one without.
And the cheapskates that don't want to spend $10
for a broom will buy the $5 one
and wish they would have got the $10 one!"

Yep, that's me, the thrifty housewife cheapskate.

Wish I would've bought the $10 one!

1 comment:

  1. HA! I'm glad you got the $5 broom... so I could laugh just now.