Jun 26, 2011


Me: (While telling the story of Jonah) How do you think you
would feel if you were in the belly of a whale all by yourself?

Katelyn: I would be lonely and miss my Mommy!

Camden: Me too. I wouldn't like it!

Me: I think I would be scared and cry!

Candace: (Looking straight into my eyes, while touching my face)
I wouldn't be afraid if I was with you, Mrs. Hoover.


That's what I like about kids.
Kids aren't afraid to say they love you.

And if they don't like you, they tell you.

They don't act like your best friend
and then talk about you to everyone who will listen.

They're brutally honest...to a fault...

But, I'd rather be honest to a fault...
than be a hypocrite...to a fault.

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