Jun 1, 2011

His Vacation, Her Vacation

My idea of a vacation:
Driving through beautiful old towns
and reading their histories.

Taking pictures of the great old
buildings that make up the downtown.

Checking out all the antique stores...
Seeing if I can get something really neat for nothing!

Stopping at all the historical markers,
taking pictures...
imagining what it must have been like
100 years ago.

My husband's idea of a vacation:

Trying to get from one place
to another
as quickly as possible.

Preferably, spending as little
money as possible on gas,
(must be a hotel with breakfast so we don't
  have to spend any money on that)
knick knacks,
(well, he doesn't want to spend any money on this)

He could care less about history...

He could care less about culture...

He could care less about deals...

He could care less about old buildings.

What he does care about is:

Where the cheapest gas is,
what gas mileage he's getting,
how he can pay the least amount for meals
(Do you need lunch today?)
(We could wait for dinner and then share something.)
How he can get me to skip some of my
bathroom breaks.

But today,
He stopped at all the historical markers,
without my even having to ask.
He even drove OUT OF HIS WAY
so I could check out a historical state park.
We stayed there an entire 30 mins.
Yes, he took 30 mins out of our drive to take pics
of old schoolhouses and the Oregon trail.
He even stopped on the side of the highway
so I could take a picture of a rock mountain.
I could really get used to this!

So, tonight at dinner he nonchalantly mentions
that tomorrow we are gonna have a 13 hour trip.
So there won't be any historical stops,
or shopping trips,
or cultural discoveries,
or bathroom breaks,
or eating,
or drinking,
or breathing...

 Yeah, that's what I thought...


  1. It's a guy thing

  2. LOL! I love it!!!!!

  3. been there; done that, fun


  4. ROFL!!!
    You knew there was an ulterior motive! "I'll be overly nice and kind today so she can't gripe tomorrow"!!! MEN!!!!!!