Jun 20, 2011

The G/C Gene

How is it that boys just naturally know about...

1. cars

2. guns

I don't ever remember my husband
sitting down with them and teaching them these things.
I remember sitting them down and teaching them spelling
for hours on end...
and they still can't do that!

When did they learn these things.
I've been with them every hour of their life...
(Well, except when they went to men and boys campout with their Dad)
Maybe that's what they do at those campouts.
They have intense workshops on guns and cars.
OK...that's a scary thought.

Maybe they call each other on the phone, secretly
and share gun facts...discuss car modifications.
(I've heard them use this word in car conversations, so I know it's OK).

It's like it comes with the package.
A boy has an inborn knowledge of these things.

I noticed this last night.
We were watching a western with the guys and JJ.
These bad cowboys tried to kill a good cowboy.
Couldn't see their guns...
Yet, every guy in the room knew what they were using
based on the way it sounded.

How is this possible?
Am I missing something?
Apparently I'm missing a g/c gene
that boys are born with.

God knew they would need this knowledge
In order to protect...
and...uh...well...drive fast?
Not really sure how that fits in.

I guess I'll just have to rest in the fact...
that guys are born with these inate abilities...
for some reason or another...

which escapes me completely!


  1. Well you have to think of it on these lines Lisa......most women are born with the c/c gene....cooking and crafting. Men don't understand how we do what we do but it is obvious....we are born with it and somehow it is nurtured if only by magazines and recipe books. Just like the men that have the g/c gene, some get it, some don't. LOL

  2. Intense workshop... ha.
    Somehow I missed out on the c/c gene AND the g/c gene.
    How is that?

  3. Sorry Sunny, don't know what to tell you.