Jun 19, 2011

Beware of Cat

We have a serious relationship problem in our house!

Our middle son, Alex, and his new bride, Lizzie
have moved here from Pensacola.
By here, I don't really mean Heron...
No one moves to Heron if you actually plan to work for a living.
Independently wealthy...yes
(we fall in this category, or course)
But you don't move here to work.

They are staying here for a couple of weeks
Until they can move in with my older Son and his wife.
The problem lies with the fact that they brought their kitties.
And on the way here, one of the kitties had kittens...
in the hotel room...on the bed.
(If you want to know which one so you don't accidentally stay there, let me know)

Our Queen Cat is Kirra.
She's the boss.
If she doesn't like you,
she'll make life miserable for you.

She doesn't like our daughter-in-laws
cause they took her boys away.
She will sit outside their door and hiss at them
if they try to walk past her.

She doesn't like our new kitty, Percy
cause he had the audacity to come into this house
and expect love.
(And food, of course...that might be the root of the problem, actually.)

Now, if you can be of some use to her -
Like giving her food...
a warm place to sit...
someone to sleep with at night...
well, then she will tolerate you.
But if you come in her house with nothing to offer her...
You're on the hit list!

And NOW...there are 6, count them 6, other cats in the house.
And also 2 guys and their 2 wives.
(And you know how she feels about them!)
Everyone walkin' around, talking, making noise, moving furniture around.
Generally living their lives...ignoring her!
And in her house, no less!

Poor Kirra. Life can indeed be hard sometimes!
I've explained to her that they won't be here long.
I've explained that she is very special and we love her best.
She doesn't care...she's out for blood.
If you come to our house...BEWARE OF CAT

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