Jun 7, 2011

The Toilet Trailer

I've been on vacation for 3 weeks:
One week for our middle son's wedding,
One week for getting the car fixed,
   (We won't discuss this)
And one week visiting Russell's Dad and his wife.

We saw a lot of things on the road.

But nothing compares to the joys of Montana.

For instance...

Two days after we got home
our local hardware store was having
their Customer Appreciation Day.

They have it every year...
It's always lots of fun!
Especially since good friends of ours own it.
And another good friend works there.
So we get to visit with them and with a lot of people
from town.

They have barbecued hot dogs, hamburgers,
chips, sodas...
as well as lots of great deals.
Drawings, raffles, etc.
Real down home 'America'.

This year everyone was discussing the
trailer outside.
Even the kids...
Aaron: "Have you been to the trailer yet?"
"Gotta check it out...pretty cool!"
Me: "What's in it?"
Aaron: "Gonna have to see for yourself!"

So I went to the trailer,
full of anticipation!
Maybe it's free food...
Or candy...
   (I love candy! Skittles are my favorite
     in case anyone wants to know.)
Maybe it's Interior Design ideas...
Now I'm really excited!

As I ascend up the stairs,
the first thing I lay my eyes on...
is a toilet.
As I ascend up a little higher...
I see another toilet...
and another...
and another...
and another.

Toilets! the entire trailer
is full of toilets!
This is what everyone is talking about?!

(And I'm thinkin' even if there were Skittles, I probably wouldn't
 wanna stick them in my mouth.)

So I turn right around,
and go in search of my husband.

His first word to me was...
"Have you been to the trailer yet?"
"Yes, it's full of toilets!!!"

"Let's go check it out!"
"Did you hear me? It's full of TOILETS!"
"Yeah, let's go check it out!"

I'm missin' something here.
I can't understand what everyone is so excited about.

So, I play the dutiful wife and go to the 'toilet trailer'
with my husband.

There are two guys in there
ready to tell you everything you ever wanted to know
about their toilets.
And I noticed there are also sinks in there.

That makes it a little better...I guess...

This toilet uses less water...
If you normally have high water bills
this would be the one for you.

This one has a padded and heated seat...
Kinda neat, I guess...Don't know how important
that is to me...but I guess if you plan on spending
a lot of time in there...
this would be the one for you.

This one has a new modern design!
OK, now we're getting somewhere.
It doesn't have the big bolts on the floor
that you have to clean around.
It has clean, smooth lines.
And when the lid is closed, it looks
like a spaceship.
Kinda like the Starship Enterprise.

Wonder if Captain Picard has one like this?
I'm havin' a good time now.

My husband:  "C'mon honey, we gotta go."
"Noooo, I haven't seen everything yet!!"

Oh. My. Goodness!
A sink that turns on with a touch!!!
When I've just been squishing up hamburger
for meatloaf...
I don't have to get the faucet handles all greasy!
When I come out from the garden
and my hands are all dirty...
I won't have to worry about getting everything muddy!
After I have helped Beverly Crusher with some very complicated surgery...
I can wash my hands with just a touch.
(Gotta know about 'The Next Generation' to get that one.)
I have to have that sink!

20 minutes later...
with pamphlets in hand,
we're walking out the door.

I see a friend of mine, just arriving.
"Hey, you been to the trailer yet?"
"Gotta check it out. Pretty cool!"
"What's in there?"
"Gonna have to see for yourself."

Yeah, we know how to have a great time in Montana.
Ought to join us!

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