Jun 20, 2011


Once there was a lady and a little girl.
All alone.
They had each other and it was good.
But someone was missing.

The little girl spent much time in the hospital.
With the lady by her side.
And it was ok cause life is good, regardless the circumstances.
But someone was missing.

Then one day the lady met a man.
Who came into their lives...
and changed everything.
Everything which had been good...
now was better.
And no one was missing.

The little girl learned how to fish.
She learned how to eat different kinds of foods.
She learned corny jokes which were stolen from Laurel and Hardy.
She learned what it was like to have a Father
who loved her even when she was bad.

So one day when she was told about the Heavenly Father
she had a point of reference.
She understood the love of a Father...
because she had experienced it in her life.

Thanks, Dad, for being a good example of love!

I love you. Thanks for saving our lives!

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