Apr 3, 2011

Appliance Strike

Why is it that all your appliances stop working at the same time?

My stove (Bertha) has been threatening me for some time now.
Right front burner is no longer working...
The oven used to be 12 degrees hotter than it really was...
Now it's 25 degrees hotter...
The self clean doesn't work anymore...
   Actually it doesn't have one...(to me, that's definitely broken!)
   Who makes a stove with no self cleaning????
Light doesn't work...No, it's not the bulb...duh!
And it's ugly!
   Technically, that is not broken, but it IS another reason.
   (Makes my argument look better!)
Won't be able to cook, I guess!

My washing machine (Mathilda) is going too!
Can't use softener anymore cause the little cavity that
   holds it doesn't drain anymore.
Doesn't always agitate correctly.
Can't use large load anymore or it will regurgitate
   all over the floor!
It's doing something new now...
It doesn't drain all of the water from the pipes.
So, if you don't wash clothes for a couple of days,
   when you finally do, stinky water that has been
   sittin in the pipe is used to wash your clothes.
So you actually have to wash them twice.
   (Gives me something to do with ALL my spare time!)
And it's ugly...(see notes on stove)
Won't be able to wash clothes, I guess!

Our Microwave, (J. J.)
   Named after our own personal microwave repair guy...
   has joined the ranks of dissatisfied appliances on strike.
No light, NO, its not the bulb...duh...
It won't work unless you slam the door...
   Nice touch in the morning!
Every so often the display and/or the beep
   quits working...
   In which case, we call our microwave repair
   guy to come over, eat our food, and fix
   the microwave.
And it's ugly...(see notes on stove)
Won't even be able to microwave food, I guess!

AND NOW, my dear, sweet sewing machine, (Patsy)
   started smoking the other day!
Yes, actually smoking while making baby bibs.
I'm assuming this means something bad.
As far as I know, sewing machines aren't supposed to smoke.
It too, is ugly. Poor thing...
Won't be able to sew anymore, I guess...sigh...

But, the GOOD thing is...

My Computer IS working!
And for that I am HAPPY!

AND if you see my husband, (moneybags)
Let him know I need a new
washing machine,
and sewing machine!
he wants to eat,
have clean clothes,
re-heat his coffee,
um...um...get rid of his wife for a couple of hours,

I don't want to nag you know...

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