Apr 10, 2011

Things I Miss

Actually the title should be...
Things I Miss Not Being at Church.
But I didn't think that would grab anyone's attention!
 And then you might not read it.

I hate that everyone is over there wearing Party Hats!
And here I sit...sick and alone.
   (Here's where you're supposed to feel sorry for me!)
But at least Doctor Hoover is gone for a couple of hours
And not pushing pills down my throat!

I better say I miss the preaching first
Or you all won't think I'm spiritual
I love preaching!
I love to hear what God has for me!
What treasure he is gonna give me today!
Often, when I'm going thru really hard times,
Sitting under preaching is the only place I find
Complete peace and joy.

I miss seeing all my friends.
I miss the Fellowship of believers...
Of telling each other all the things the Lord
has done in your life this week.

I miss the singing.
Everyone (including me) singing at the
top of their voices...
The praises of God...
Who, of course, is more than worthy!
It's like Heaven on earth!

When I look outside
   (We live next door to the church)
And I see all the kids playing on the lawn...
Then I think about all the kisses and hugs I'm missing.
All the ' I love you, Mrs. Hoovers' I'm missing.
   (No, not from Russell)

Today, I'm missing the Brownie/Cake Bar downstairs
after the morning service!
   (Can you use the word Bar when talking about church?)
Like I can't afford to miss those calories.
After all, I am going to Florida to the Beach
In a few weeks.
So then, maybe that's a good thing!!!

I miss the joy that settles down in my heart
when God gives me something...really special!
When He tells me He loves me with all His heart.
When He confirms in my heart that I'm His child.
When He gives me hope to carry on and serve
Him one more day...week...month...year.

Why would I not want to be there?

I met Jesus Christ IN CHURCH
Why would I not want to go back to
the scene of the crime, so to speak?

To quote Keith Green,
"Jesus Christ rose from the dead,
And you can't even get outta bed!"

Church is where I serve Him,
Oh, I know, we serve Him everyday
in our lives, and that's true.
But I am at church because He said
He wanted me there.
Yes, I get blessings being there,
But I'm there solely because He
told me to be!

When I was a little girl
My Mom and her best friend
wanted to go on a walk.
   (Yeah, I know, hard to believe)
So I pitched a fit...
   (Also hard to believe)
My Mom finally said,
"Lisa, what is your problem?
Do you think I'm gonna pull out
an ice cream cone when I get around the corner?"
It was that I wanted to have fun with them!
AND I wanted to be there when she pulled out
the ice cream cone!

When I miss church, I don't get to have fun with everyone!
AND I miss the ice cream cone!

But one day...
I'll get to Heaven
And I can say, "Lord I didn't
lead a perfect life...I tried...
and failed many times...
But I loved You,
I loved your Word, your preaching,
Your people...
Your church.

And then,

He'll pull out that ice cream cone...
And say, "Enter thou,
into the joy of thy Lord."


  1. Well Lisa...
    Sorry you still not feeling well...hope you get better soon...maybe thinking about warm Florida. ;-)
    Its going around at ODBC...the coughing & not feeling well.
    When I feel bad about not being at church when I am sick or I have a child that is sick...
    I think about not spreading it on to others.This is what I tell my children: stay home and don't pass this on...you don't want others to go through what you been through.
    Take care & praying for you.
    Nancy aka Mommy 2
    P.S. There is alot to miss at church.

  2. :( I'm sorry you're still a sicky and had to miss out.