Apr 24, 2011

Bad Mommy!

Cobra, Shelby, Lotus, Elise

These are my girls.
Well, one guy and 5 girls.
He doesn't mind being called a girl.
I know cause I do it all the time...
He hasn't said anything yet!

Porsche and Mercedes

Yeah, I know, I name them after cars.
And actually, the 3 in the middle I can't really tell apart.
They look the same to me...

See! That's what I mean!
What kind of Mommy doesn't remember the name of her kids...
Or can't tell them apart!
(Come here, Adam, Alex, YOU in the blue shirt, get over here!)
Yeah, I might have done that before.

Sometimes, I forget to feed them in the morning!
I look at the clock and it's 11:00 and I haven't even thought once about them!
Then in deep contrition I run outside with crumbles and treats in hand...
and they look at me with scorn!

Do you see it? Look at those little chicken faces!
Scorn written all over them.

What kind of Mommy doesn't make sure her kids have 3 squares a day?
("Guys, I'm really pressed for time, have pie for breakfast. It's good for you!")

And the worst of all...I hate to admit it...
Sometimes, when I'm really tired,
I have forgotten to close their little chicken door.
Technically, it could also be called a skunk door,
considering how many times one has used it.

Then I rush out to close the door...
and there's Pepe LePew waddling around underneath them,
eating their little eggs, while they cower in fear above him!

See them cowering in fear?

I don't have a picture of Pepe. I've gotten too close to him already.
Apparently he doesn't like to have his picture taken.
Touchy that way.

And sometimes, we go away for a couple of days at a time...
OK, I haven't ever done that with my kids.
Although one time we left Aaron sleeping on the pew in church
one Sunday evening.
But we noticed it before we got down the highway too far.
So technically, you can't really even count that!

Yes, these chickens live a hard life.
You can tell by looking at them...

BUT, It IS better than the stew pot!

And for that they are grateful and happy!

Can't ya tell? Look at those smiling faces!

So even if I am a bad chicken mommy...
At least I haven't resorted to chicken cannibalism!

1 comment:

  1. You are just too funny! One of these days we will be reading "Lisa's Memoirs". It should be a best seller! I felt bad leaving my cat outside for 3 full days, but decided, "you know what Koon, you CAN take care of yourself, there ARE mice running around outside, plus you could go to the neighbors and eat their cat food, considering those cats come over and eat yours?!" He was just find when I got back home too. I was nice and left lots of water and a soft warm blanket in a big box for him to snuggle up in.
    Now, hum, chickens on the other hand really can'g fend for themselves very well without someone taking them food & water. BUT, those chickens do look like they are taken care of very WELL. Look like very plump chickens, HUM, should I say plump enough for the stew pot?! SO, you are being a good chicken mommy!
    Keep it up!
    Luv ya,