Apr 6, 2011

Doctor Hoover

I wonder about my husband.

I'm getting the flu...I think...
Sore throat...congestion...coughing.

So I stick it out as long as possible.
Trying not to take medicine until I'm dying.

All the while, he's looking at me accusingly.
Like it's all my fault I'm getting sick!
And constantly nagging at me to take drugs!

He's a Christian...A PASTOR...
should he be encouraging me to take drugs???

Everytime I have a headache...
"Better take 4 ibuprofen!"

When I go in and take medicine on my own, it's
"How many did you take?"
I don't want to lie..."some"...
"How Many?"
"Not gonna get rid of that headache that way!"
Don't say I didn't warn you!

I'm very concerned about this behavior.
We don't have life insurance,
So I don't have to worry about that.
  (He wouldn't want to do all the housework anyway,
    not to mention he'd starve to death!)

So now I think I'm getting the flu
and I'm just wondering how long I can keep it from him,
before he comes after me with an array of different drugs.

If you don't hear from me, you'll know...
I've died from Theraflu poisoning!


  1. Sorry you are not feeling well. 8-(
    Its good that Doctor Hoover cares about you & wants you well.
    Praying that you find some relief...
    one way or another.
    Nancy aka Mommy 2

  2. Well at least he does sound concerned, but you are right in one point, seems like when "we" get sick, they tend to want to make sure we get better faster and if it's giving us drugs, well that's how they think we will. Oh, at least Pastor is offering you drugs, I just get the "did you take anything" question. Plus, "so have you done this or that yet?" even though we are sick, we are still suppose to carry on as if we aren't. No day off for us "housewives". Hope you feel much better very soon Lisa. Take care and be sure first & foremost, drink LOTS of fluids.
    Love ya!