Apr 3, 2011

Everything I Ever Needed to Know, I learned from my Lab

I thought Sundays would be a good day to
write about something the Lord showed me
during the week.
Or maybe something exciting that happened
at church...
Something spiritual anyway.

We went on a walk today.
The sun was shining...

the birds were chirping.
You know, all the springy stuff.

So, of course, we had to take the dog.
Not taking him would be cruel and unusual punishment.
So with milk bones and toy in hand,
we took off.

He's a Chocolate Lab
  ( well, part Chocolate Lab and part ADD)
So, naturally all he wants to do
is retrieve his toy!
Over and over and over and over and
over again.
Or run circles around you
while you try NOT to trip over him.

We walk 2 miles, he probably walks 10.

He's happy, happy, happy!

God created him to retrieve...
That's his job.
That is what he was created to do.
And he absolutely LOVES it!
It's all he can think about.
It consumes him.

How wonderful that he loves to do
what he was created for.

  If we could only get there.

Another thing Strider loves...
being in our presence.
We don't have to be handing out doggie biscuits
   (Although he wouldn't be against that!)
He just wants to be where we are...
to be as close as he can...
   (Sitting on our laps if possible)
Being with us is enough for him.
It makes him incandescently happy!
   (Yeah, I stole that from Pride and Prejudice)

Am I happy just to be in Christ's presence
Whether or not he's handing out goodies?
Do I try to get as close to Him as possible?

Am I ecstatic
about doing what I was created to do?
Not grumbling and complaining,
Just doing what I was made for...
and LOVING it!

"...happy is that people, whose God is the Lord."
Ps. 144:15

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