Apr 13, 2011

My Sun

When you live in the Northwest,
Weather is a BIG deal!
 At least in the winter/spring time

I have 'The Weather Channel'
as my homepage.

I want to know at ALL times
what the weather is gonna be.

I want to know ahead of time
when the temp. reaches 60 degrees.

Then I cancel all my plans
so I can be at home with my sun!

I want to sit in the garden
and take pics of the dog, the kitten and the chickens
I want to sit in my chair that Alex bought me
and stretch my legs out like I'm getting a tan...
(even though my sun is really not close enough)
I want to feel its warmth on my face,
to soak up the vitamin D
(without having to take it in pill form)
I want to put my hair in a ponytail
(It's long enough now)
And give Strider a bath
(Actually I usually wind up wetter than him).

But Alas, this month's weather looks pretty much
the same...
One day of sun...10 days of rain/snow
One day of sun...10 days of sleet/rain
One day of sun...(you can pretty much put any kind of cold,
wet, mushy weather in here as you can think of!)

BUT, I know it's coming...
that first 60 degree day.
And when it does...
I'll be the first to know!
So if we have something planned
and I suddenly and without warning
then you'll know.

Sorry, but I really gotta go.
Gotta check the weather!

1 comment:

  1. Oh...Lisa...
    If everyone only knew about us in Montana and our weather...
    Hey...I might have to put the weather channel as my homepage too.
    It has been in the 50's here...sunny yesterday(some), but kinda cloudy today & suppose to rain...imagine that...you think we lived in Portland. ;-)
    Take care,