Apr 27, 2011

John Deere - The Incident

Yesterday was a good day.
Hubby and I drove around getting errands done.
We usually go in all the stores together and
generally have a good time.

Except for Ben Franklin and the Dollar Store.
He will not got in those stores.
And I have a few stores I don't go in as well.
Car parts stores and the John Deere store.

So when we get to the John Deere store
He walks in to get a tune up kit for the church tractor.
I stay in the car.
Then I notice in the window...
A rack with really cute T-shirts on it.
Wow! Maybe this is my kinda store after all!
So I jump out of the car, to check out the cute T-shirts.

IMMEDIATELY upon entering I realize
I have made a terrible, terrible mistake!
(By everyone I mean a bunch of guys in flannel, baseball caps, and dirt),
Turned and stared at me.
As if to say, "What are you doing in here?...snort...spit! This is a guy store!"
I knew I had done something unforgivable!

I looked over at the shirts, 
They were calling my name.
So, I walked over there as if I knew exactly what I was doing.
As if I intentionally went in there to buck tradition!

The rack of shirts was kinda scrunched into a corner,
To make way for the beautiful new tractor tires, of course.
They all had JOHN DEERE printed all over them.
And they WERE cute...but I would feel like a hypocrite wearing them.
After all, I don't really EVER think about John Deere tractors.
I just want them to mow the lawn, plow the snow...
and get out of my sight the rest of the time!

After gazing at them for a respectable amount of time...
I wandered out.
Back to the safety of my car.
As the guys walked out...one by one...
They smirked at me from under their baseball caps!
"Good. That's where she needs to be!"
Well, they probably weren't saying that...
I was just feeling guilty from committing such a faux pas!
(You can look that up if you want...I had to!)

When Hubby came out
He had a completely different experience than I had!
You know, like how a person sitting in a reverse seat
in the back of a station wagon has an entirely different vacation
than the person sitting in the front seat?
How is this possible?!

Must be this 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus' thing!
Hmmm...imagine that.


  1. So funny! Guess I never got those kind of looks when I went in there to get parts for the guys. Course maybe it was because I got out of a "man truck" 4x4 F150! It is surprising what kind of looks a "lady" gets when you park in front of a "parts" store when you get out of a tough looking pickup. It's like, "huh, she drives that, wow, guess she knows what she needs here." Maybe next time you know you are going into a parts store, take your hunting gear jacket, put it on just before you go in and see what kind of look you get!

  2. Lisa....
    I know what you mean...
    my husband has a lawn service,
    and from time to time I have to pick up something for him...
    yep...its a total different territory in "those" stores.
    Take care,